Sell your bike faster!!

A. Search results Fast lane
On fast lane your ad will be showing first on search results, when it matches search criteria.

Your ad will get to fast lane for several days. If there are multiple ads that match search criteria, visibility will be shared equally for all ads.

Hakutulosten Ohituskaista
Price from 8,90 € / week
B. Home Vehicle Window
Max visibility in frontpage

Get your ad on front page and your ad will be noticed. front page is the most visited site on the servive.

Price from 4 € / hour.
Promotion Home Vehicle Window is not available on mobile site.
C. Categorywise vehicle window
Convertible, american, 4x4? If your car appeals for people who are interested of this kind of vehicles, get it on top of categorywise links.

Your ad will be displaying 2 hours minimum on the selected categorywise link search results vehicle window. Your ad will go to queue and once it gets on front page you will get confirmation to your e-mail.

Pikalinkki -sivujen Autoikkuna
Price from 3 € / 2 hours.
Promotion Categorywise vehicle window is not available on mobile site.
There are many different payment options
Easy payments with MobilePay, online banks, credit cards and SMS.
More information about upsell and payments
Vehicle window - Front page and categorywise link page
Ads on vehicle window will be on queue and shown on chronological order. Once it gets on visible you will get confirmation to your e-mail. Each ad will get shown as promised on upsell location. Between 24-08 ads on vehicle window won't change.
Fast lane
Your ad will show on fast lane, when it matches search criteria given by user. If there are multiple ads that match search criteria, visibility will be shared equally for all ads.
Buying fast-lane continues ads normal expiration date until fast-lane promotion ends if promotion is longer than expiration date.
General Information
Location of the ad on upsell is random and it cannot be affected. To make sure clarity of images we reserve rights to remove manipulated images from upsell location.
SMS service works with following operators: Telia, DNA, Elisa, Saunalahti, Tele Finland, GoMobile, Aina, Kolumbus. Service is provided by Gameleo Systems Oy.
Web bank payment service is provided Paytrail Oyj (2122839-7) with co-operation of Finnish banks Aktia, Säästöpankki, POP, S-Pankki, Oma Säästöpankki, Lähitapiola and Ålandsbanken and with credit institutions.
For more information and customer support, please contact us on support page.
Service does not have the right of withdrawal.
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, cm3, kW


New payment method - Mobile payment

Mobile payment is new easy way to pay directly with Internet browser without registering and it will be charged on your phone bill.

Mobile payment works on all devices like cellular phones, tablet devices and computers with Elisa, Saunalahti, Telia or DNA subscription data connection. Mobile payment requires data connection that can be billed. With Elisa or Saunalahti subscriptions Mobile payment is possible with any connection (requires to enter mobile subscription number).






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